Calendar slideshow on YouTube


Not sure how viewable this will be here on my blog but you should be able to click the YouTube logo to watch it there. It gives brief instructions for making the calendar from the last two days posts. I think this could also be made as a sort of mini-book-on-easel if you wanted. I hope it’s clear but if not, do leave me a comment here or on YouTube and I’ll try to clarify anything that is confusing!

There is a fair amount of text to read and I fear the AudioSwap music might be a bit loud as you can’t set the volume on YouTube when you do that, so apologies in advance.

3 thoughts on “Calendar slideshow on YouTube

  1. Brilliant tutorial and he music was actually very quite my end, I turned it up as it was, like Linda said, so relaxing. Going to look back on the posts I’ve missed now 😀

  2. It really is an excellent video, the vid works just fine on the blog, the text is relevant to the tutorial and the music is fine. I am going to bookmark it and add that to the list of scrapping projects to do!

  3. I thought it was an excellent tutorial … the music you choose is always very soothing too. It did n’t feel too text heavy to me … and I am not one for written instruction so the lovely pictures must have balanced it out. I really love the fact that you marked a certain part Tricky … I was aware that I paid particular attention to the detail.
    I wish I had more time at the moment and I would make one just to show you how good it was … maybe in a couple of weeks I shall get one squeezed in.
    Thank you … it really was very good!

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