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WOYWW – or should that be WOYFW??

Just a quick post on my WOYWW – although in reality it’s all over my FLOOR because my desk has been taken over with UKS business (sponsorship, Home Page publishing over the holidays, new class for 2010 stuff – it’s all piles of paper and lists and copies of things to be filed and is likely to be that way till mid-January!) and I am scrapping onboth the floor and a small TV table at the moment. BUT I am really, really excited about my project, which is a 2010 calendar on a stand. I’ll share more when it’s done but at the moment, this is the only photo I managed:

There is a lot of GREEN and a lot of stash getting used up, and an interesting approach to the whole calendar idea (at least for me it is!)

I should finish up tomorrow and will write a bit more then. Fingers crossed!