On the joys of Scrapbooking

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I have a passion for lettering.  I love fonts, so I love stickers, thickers, die cut letters, alphabet stamps … I cannot get enough of them.  I buy them by the cartload, and buy all sorts of oddball styles and unusual colours, that I then struggle to use.  When I DO manage to use something that I had given up hope on I get a little frisson of joy.  How sad is that?

But one of the joys of scrapbooking is capturing those funny, oddball moments.  This layout is of a “competition” DD persuaded DH and DS to partake in.  Not that THEy were competing – she organized a competition for her Cabbage Patch dolls with DH and DS bringing the dolls to life.  Has any other family done such a thing?  I wonder.  That, too, is one of the joys of scrapping – with the internet galleries, and layouts published in magazines, it is so much fun getting a little insight into the lives of everyday families like ours.  The little window published layouts gives us behind the net curtains can be funny, scary, silly, and always interesting for me.  I squint to read the journaling, I examine the photos, looking for both common ground and things that would never, ever happen in our house.

A simple layout of a magical moment.  Can you see the dolls (and the “magic hands”) having a potato and spoon (I’m not mad enough to risk broken eggs on the carpet, sorry) race and a sock, rather than SACK race? And see the trophies?  Tin foil cups and some weird golden cat statues, and all the “girls” with their prizes.  It’ll never happen again, as the love of CP dolls has passed with the advent of the teen years for DD and the willingness of DS to do such a thing has passed with the advent of near adulthood, but thinking back on it makes me smile a sad smile, knowing it was a once in a lifetime moment.  But I am glad I captured it and can revisit it any time just by flipping through my albums. THAT is the real joy of scrapbooking.  The fact I was able to use some letter die cuts that had languished in my stash for all too long was a bonus.

One thought on “On the joys of Scrapbooking

  1. Oh blimey yes. My sister and I used to have rock and roll competitions with our Barbies and Ken… and a few Action Men and Transformers for good measure – make the competition more balanced and all that. (sis was a tomboy) The music for the competitions was ALWAYS The Jackson 5 and the winner ALWAYS was the one who danced to Sky Writer (which had to be sung as Sky Rider) or sometimes Rockin’ Robin 😀 Am now wondering if that’s to much info! No piccies of said tournaments though which is a shame but I still remember them vividly.

    I’m a squinter to read journalling too – I love these piccies that you can click and ENLARGE! 😀

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