I am no digital designer, but I do occasionally make something for a layout that I keep because I think it may be useful in the future. This is one of those things that I thought I would share – it was in SI a while ago but a second chance to grab it may be welcomed. I Googled “antique bingo card” and found one that I liked the look of. Using Photoshop I recreated it, with a blank bit at the top for adding your own white letters. All you need to do is download it then save it and open it in some sort of photo or drawing program. Type your letters in white and overlay them over the black box at the top of the card then print. You can then delete the letters and re-use the basic card over and over again. You can print the card on any paper but it looks great on Kraft or a creamy or flecked white

Here is the layout I made using it:

Part of the rational for posting this is to test out the best way to add a huge JPG. Not entirely sure how WordPress deals with JPGs so I will play around with a few ways and see what works best! As you see on the layout it prints fine (using the best quality option on my printer) but if I’m honest it’s probably not high enough quality for a digital page or mega-resizing. The layout sample is about 5 x 7 and I printed it on speckled cardstock, so any less than crisp text didn’t really matter. I wouldn’t do it on photo paper! Feel free to give it a go. LMK if it works for you and any problems you may encounter.

The 150 dpi JPG is here.

There is a PDF (which may or may not be better quality) here.

And, yes, I know, “Don’t give up the day job to work as a digital designer!”

(for anyone who is consumed by curiosity the 5 quirks are: always hanging my bag on the kitchen cabinet (after almost being robbed a few years back I have this thing about leaving my bag in sight of the doors or the windows); watching H&A (so lame, I know, but I started watching it because we were new to the UK and it happened to come on while DS was napping – I still wonder what ever happened on Shortland Street and Blue Heelers LOL!); my love for art so long as it is surreal; drinking a gallon of iced tea every day, winter or summer; and my ability even now to recite the entire Dr. Seuss’s ABCs … Big A little A … what begins with A? Aunt Annie’s Aligator A A A ….