Two versions of a layout

One of the (few) things I am quite happy about in not having to be concerned with when making a layout nowadays is the fact that I have complete free reign. There are no magazine issue to be concerned with, I just make them as I want. No specific papers to use, no technique to be created for step-by-step photos, just a layout.

I thought I would post two versions of one today – one is the one I made originally, and one is one that appeared in Scrapbook Inspirations, with a supplied set of papers. I like them both, and honestly can’t decide which I like better. What do you think?


This one was made on two 8.5×11 pages. It was rejected only because of the size – the mag is geared towards a 12 x 12 or two 12×12’s and the odd sizing created problems. I was then sent the Fascinating range of papers (which I have to say I love) to make a new version as a single 12×12. This is what I cam up with, using some of the same elements.


I think the contrast is higher in the second one, with all the black, but also like the softness of the first and the “white space” allowed by the slightly larger format. For me, it’s a coin toss. I’d be happy with either one of them in my albums. I did love threading wire thru the hollow ribbon (from a GoGo kit, I think) to let me shape it and will definitely do that again, as I have a lot of hollow ribbon in my stash, maybe even surrounding a page or making flower petals, I’m not sure.

I love seeing multiple versions of the same layout and thought others might as well!