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Looking ahead to Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us (something will seem so wrong to UK folk, cooking an 11 KG turkey and all the trimmings so close to Christmas but I did it) I am looking forward to Christmas and finalizing some gift-giving projects in preparation to getting them in the mail by the last mailing date to ensure things arrive in the USA by the big day. I am looking at doing some frames for the grandparents but not 100% sure it will be a good idea. If I were hand delivering them there would be no questions, but given the glass, and the long distance, and the rough handling of some past shipped gifts I just can’t make up my mind! I may cop out totally and either send something else then send a “promise” of them to be delivered later via suitcase OR I may do something different. But it was a project I did that I loved, so I’m not willing to write it off totally.

The basic frame is one from a local shop (is it national?) called TIGER and the frames are sold as album-cover framers (as an old LP sleeve fits them perfectly) The layout is built on the back of the glass, with some of the decorative elements on the front, cleverly hiding the adhesive so it all “sticks” in place without the need for the backing. Not great hung over busy wallpaper, but it looks good on a plan coloured painted wall.

I’d like to get a couple of good shots of the kids as they are now (the photo on the sample is very old – DS is taller than I am now LOL!) and make one for each set of grandparents but the thought of sending them off only to have them arrive smashed to bits stops me starting the project. I shall dither for another day or two then either shelve it till later or make them in a flurry.

Now, I am feeling an “explosion” coming on – exploding box, that is. Haven’t made one yet, but doing the UKS library post today gave be a lot of ideas, so I just may have to clear my desk and make a start…..