Sorted – sort of

Well, once it was determined that my monitor was well and truly dead (and not just mis-set, not just a faulty cable, but proper D E A D) and as this is a fairly geeky household, and we have a lot of spare technology, I managed to shift things around and get a spare monitor installed. But it’s bugging me. It’s not the same size as the other original one, can’t move up and down, and it has forced some of my essential items to unfamiliar places. V V annoying.


I added a cookbook under it to raise it up a bit, but it’s just not working for me. What’s worse is it has a different colour profile so everything on the left is darker and grayer while the right is crisp and white. It makes editing photos a hassle as that needs to all be done on the right, where I have always done it on the left (sounds silly when I type it, but we all have our routines, don’t we? any change throws you off for a bit)

and maybe it’s the scrapper in me, but if is like making a two page layout where one page is 12×12 and the other is 8.5×11 Visually it just seems wrong.

It’ll get sorted, I know, but now I have to do the whole “choice” thing – do I buy one like my original? Do I buy one like the replacement one? Do I get a (more expensive but lovely) Mac display or two? Do I buy a massive single screen or two? (DH has a mahooosive monitor but he rotates it, which you can do on a Mac, so it is used portrait, very tall, and I’ve always wanted two tall ones side by side – oh the screen real estate that would provide LOL!) Decisions, decisions – knowing it will (hopefully) be in place for a very long time, it makes sense to take some time and make the RIGHT decision.


Technology decisions make artistic decisions look simple.