Arrrgh! Technology bites.


I use two side by side monitors, linked so they operate as a continuous screen. iPhoto is set to open on the left. The left monitor is dead. It was fine, I was browsing UKS, and popped off to make a cup of tea and when I got back, one big white screen, one perfectly normal screen.

Yes, I did check the connections. Yes, I rebooted. No, nothing helps. Anything set to appear on the left opens but I can’t see it. And since I can’t see it I can’t drag it over onto the working screen.

So while I have quite a lot on my desk at the moment, including a fabric covered birdhouse book inspired by Linda_E’s adorable house here, you won’t be able to see it as nothing I do will let me force that iPhoto window onto the right hand monitor.

UPDATE-ok, so somehow I managed to make iPhoto come over to the working screen (lots of fiddling and 3 re-boots and it finally accepted that there was only one screen, which is madness and the Mac KNEW there was only one since when I asked it it could only detect one!) and I have some WOYWW photos!

The house opens up completely and there will be a minibook inside, eventually. The house is made from fabric covered cardboard – I’ll add more photos as it progresses.

4 thoughts on “Arrrgh! Technology bites.

  1. I LOVE the bird house … and I am really proud that you felt inspired by mine :0) I am also a computer expert … so if you get the same problem again … just wack it with something *LOL*

  2. Ohhhhhh so unfair. That birdhouse book sounds divine!

  3. I don’t know much about dual setups, but can you unplug the broken one and tell your mac you now only have 1 monitor.

    • You’d think…tried that and while Security Spy (CCTV) is usually on the left and shifted quite happily to the right, iPhoto refused to do so. Further experimentation is required….

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