The kind of recipient you want!


We scrappers often come up with little projects to send out to friends and family. It’s often a bit sad for us when the recipient doesn’t seem to care much for the project, tossing it aside saying “Nice” but clearly unaware of the love and attention that has gone in to it. OK, yes, I agree, we all should perhaps consider the recipient before embarking on a major, time consuming or expensive scrap-related gift and be as sure as we can be that they are open to receiving that sort of thing, if for no other reason than because it would save US a lot of time, energy and expense when a bottle of cheap bath salts will be greeted with much more appreciation!

For me, with so much (virtually ALL) of our family 1000s of miles away, and with them all clamouring for photos al the time, making a photo-related project makes good sense. It lets me do something I love doing and gets them a constant supply of photos so the kids aren’t strangers to them when they do meet face to face.

But every once in a while you give to a recipient who really “gets” it, and how. My DHs Auntie is one of them. An artist and creative soul in her own right, she always surprises me with her thoughtfulness and appreciation. I sent here this mini-book, with DH when he went of to CA to a computer conference:

It was one of those projects that I just loved and was actually a little reluctant to let go. I took photos of it so I would have a record but what came back to me from Auntie was a shock. She had received the book, loved it, then spent a lot of time recreating it by photo copying the pages, mounting them on other paper and binding it so I had my own version to keep.

As you can see she clearly both appreciated the effort I made and returned the effort back at me. Amazing.

I would wish EVERY scrapper who casts a project out into the universe could get this sort of return.

13 thoughts on “The kind of recipient you want!

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  3. this is the sort of post that makes me teary eyed. It’s just so sweet of her(AND YOU)! Maybe you ought to create an LO about the exchange. Happy Holidays.

  4. WOW how lovely was that!!!!

  5. Well, we all want to be adopted by your aunt… so it must mean that we have all been a little taken aback by the sheer overwhelming under-enthusiasm on receiving a gift we have made. I now ‘case the joint’ before embarking on such gifts!!
    I think the most amazing thing about your story is that she was perceptive enough to realise that you loved the book yourself and had still managed to send it off to her… and her gift back to you will obviously be treasured because of the thoughtfulness and love that went into returning to you something you loved.

  6. what a lovely story showing there is hope for us all…I just made my MIL a boxed minialbum with photos of my kids that she just saw for the first time in over a year…not even a thank you…

  7. Oh, what an utterly perfect and lovely thing to do. Love that idea!

  8. My MIL always thank you for the handmade cards I spent a lot of time making for her. Day after the event she bins them! Really annoys me and now I don’t put any effort in to making her cards! Your work is wonderful.

  9. Its nice when the effort made is appreciated, I often feel that handmade is considered the cheap option for presents rather than the time consuming and thoughtful one ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I can understand what you mean and also what everyone else has said. We forget sometimes that some people don’t appreciate these things as much as we would getting something handmade, I’m lucky in that most of my sisters bar one are all crafty in their own ways and so all appreciate the time and effort and most of all love that has gone into these things. What a wonderful surprise to get back from your Aunty, I would have been welling up if it had been me ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. What a touching tale … a beautiful project … both versions and … Can I adopt DH’s Aunt … perhaps he could ask her next time he sees her!

  12. What a lovely auntie.

    I gave up making anything for my MIL years ago after she never even said thank you for a mini book that had taken a long time in planning and making. The previous year she made a comment that my then young daughter had done a good job with the book I had made which really knocked my confidence. This year she is getting the kids’ school photos in the frames they came in.

  13. OMG I’ve had 2 experiences where I’ve spent weeks working on a project and the person has just said, thats nice, thanks!! Nothing else and I’ve felt very let down, not that I wanted priase or huge whoops of delight, but just some recognition that it had taken me ages and was not a easy as picking up and paying for a gift – although I did that too….

    The friend is a good friend, and I still feel very slighted that she does not get it and I am so very warmed that the person who you gave your gift to thought so much of it she retuned the favour in such a lovely way.

    Note to self – only make for those that you know will appreciate the time and care taken….

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