Easier accordion for a Card Keeper


On my WOYWW I noted there was a rather dark photo of a card keeper, made from the instructions here. I think the instructions are very good, clear and easy to follow, but I just wasn’t keen on the way the accordions at the side were attached, which involves threading a piece of twine thru punched holes then thru the front and back. This leaves a fairly thick piece of twine on the front and back which makes it hard to adhere patterned paper smoothly over the top. The designer overcame this by adhering the paper with pop dots, but I didn’t really want the paper popped over the surface. First I though about doing it exactly the same but with flat ribbon but that still left me needing to decorate the box when it was 3D rather than flat. So I cam up with this alternative, which I am pretty pleased with.

Your final accordion should measure 5 1/4 inches high by 2 1/2 inches wide. These are specific to the original box dimensions, so if your box is some other size, you will need to match the measurements to your project!

What I like about doing it this way is I can decorate the outside of the box while it is flat (always easier!) and the papers covering the box will lie flat with no need for pop dots. I can then add the accordion as a final step by simply adding a strip of double sided tape to the accordion sides and sticking them to the box, which only THEN becomes 3D. {smile}

I made a ton of fast, easy cards from leftover scrapping stuff to fill two boxes (nothing so inspired it requires sharing tho’ LOL!) and that is two gifties out of the way!

4 thoughts on “Easier accordion for a Card Keeper

  1. What a clever idea. Off to check the link.

  2. Mmmmm … ver ver good idea … I must give that way a go … Thank you!

  3. Great instructions! Another idea for a christmas pressie, thanks x

  4. Now that is clever… will go look at the destructions and maybe give it a go with your tweaking!!

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