WOYWW – on Wednesday!

Well, I finally managed it LOL!

Every week I miss posting WOYW on W but I was determined not to let another W slip by undocumented. Not a fun day as between the grocery shopping and a long drive to collect DD for an eye doctor appointment I will actually have little time to finish up my projects.

Let’s see – what can you see? The very dark project top left is the card keeper – I’ve made variations of this before, turning it into an “album” of sorts, with divider cards decorated and slipped inside, but I found this version which adds a little string to hold the accordions in place (much, much easier than my own version, although this has just a big open pocket in the middle rather than sub-divided sections) and will house a selection of cards {shudder} – yes, I will have to just bite the bullet and make some – as a Christmas gift. It went together fairly easily and seems relatively sturdy (especially as I added a strip of cardboard to the bottom, covered with cardstock.


You can see one of my experiments too, a double CD case box, made a while ago, that has stamps in it – part of my attempt to actually USE some of the many stamps I have but that tend t be the last thing I think of when scrapping or papercrafting. I can’t really recall how it differs from the standard CD case box but it worked.

The big pile of papers is something I am rather excited about – I have been longing for manila folders. They are abundant in the USA but seem to be rather hard to find here. Well, I went to Staples yesterday to get some envelopes and a new desk chair and found THESE:

They are much thinner in weight than manila folders, but with a couple of layers of cardstock and patterned paper covering them they are sturdy enough to turn into an album. Hopefully I’ll manage to finish it in the next day or so and can share. But I already have 10 ideas for these folder, at least, so I suspect I’ll be playing about with them for a while.

But first, I have to clear a place to work on that desk, which is going to take too long. I may just shift it all on to the floor and craft down there! So technically that will then make this a WOYFW post !