I am SO not a card maker. I struggle with it, like many scrapbookers. The smaller size and the lack of photos makes it an effort for me, I don’t know why. I guess, over the years, I have gotten a few design principles (based on a square page and a big size) ingrained in my head and shifting to the smaller, non standard size is harder than one might think! I generally try to make birthday cards for DH and the kids, and Valentines Day ones, but other than that I just don’t do it. I don’t generally send Christmas cards – when you have over 100 “close relatives” born out of years and years of seeing them every summer at the beach where cousins were like siblings for 3 months out of the year you learn it is either send them ALL one or don’t send them at all! In my early adulthood I opted for not sending them at all and now it seems too late to start it up again when I see them only very rarely when one pops over to London for business or a holiday. I have made the odd Christmas card to send to my parents and the in laws, more as a holder for the annual kid’s photos for the mantlepiece than from any burning desire to make one, and that is it.

And yet, many scrappers do also make cards. Many card makers came to scrapbooking by shopping at scrapbooking sites and wondering what all the fuss was about. But I wonder how many scrappers are like me regarding cards – they do it because they have all this paper and want to use it up. I would NEVER buy something specifically for card making (ok, ok – in a moment of weakness watching C&C or QVC late at night I made an impulse purchase of some horrid purple boxy thing that was meant to help with making cards and envelopes to match – HA! I hated it. Not even sure I can find that thing now. I should have someone who will slap me every time I even think of reaching for the phone while watching one of those shows) but am happy to see what I can fashion out of the scraps leftover from a completed layout. So, for my sins, here are a few cards I’ve made.

All are from scraps of layouts – I still find that is the best plan, to make sure you make a card before you tidy up your desk!