Yet another PBB

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LOL! I am still testing the limits of the paper bag book. This one was made ages ago (which you can probably tell from the papers – not the newest collection but I think perhaps still available) and was hidden from public view because I thought it might end up in Scrapbook Inspirations. HA! Fat chance of that now (ok, I really shouldn’t scoff as I did just get back a really offbeat PBB that was meant to be in the January of February issue but has been photographed and will appear in one of the “bookazines” in the future – no pun intended!)

But I digress…..

Irritatingly in cases where my subtitle was too long and I edited it in a particular way it seems to have cut off those words. I noticed a few cases where the sentence is clearly incomplete, and maybe a step that is slightly out of place. Overall I am really happy with the quality of the video (slideshow, really) compared to the older version of iMove I was using. I am tempted to re-do the Heritage paper bag book and incorporate the “helper” video as well so there is one, higher quality, complete entry. I wish I could annotate so I could place a pointer to the newer one, if I do it. I may fiddle with that next week as I think I have all the stills – it’s just a matter of doing the subtitles. We’ll see. I cannot believe that has been viewed over 4500 times, nor that I have over 60 subscribers. I wish YouTube allowed you to update a video and replace just the video without losing all the comments and not represent it as a “new” video rather than a replacement one.

Also irritatingly I note that although I changed the image that should be the “cover” and the thumbnail does appear in the YouTube listings, the first frame of the video is the one THEY selected originally. It annoys me that you can’t pick your own from the get go, and also that they limit the HQ/HD option for videos uploaded from the USA only. Sometimes just after I upload I see the HD/HQ option but it soon disappears. (rant, rant, rant LOL!)

Anywho – busy day today as DD was off sick the entire week prior to 1/2 term, then I was away at Scrapfever, then she had a couple more inset days off school so I am playing catch up big time before the weekend hits. I’ll be running from now till she comes home on the bus! Ready…steady….I’m OFF!!

One thought on “Yet another PBB

  1. You rant away … I enjoyed every minute of that … especially the music which was quite calming … best instructions I have ever seen … may even give it a go now! Thank you

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