WOYWW – errrrrrr … a day late


Yes, I know, with the best of intentions I always take a photo on a Wednesday (ok, so I have only been blogging for like 2 weeks, so twice) and mean to upload it, then I forget. It may take a few more weeks before I actually manage it on a Wednesday – this is ALREADY an improvement as I forgot to actually add my photo last Wednesday or any other day last week.

I stumbled across a site a few weeks ago that I liked. It is called T H E T O Y M A K E R and has a number of paper toys that can be downloaded and printed and assembled. A nice place to bookmark to keep the kids occupied over the holidays, but also great for people who like altering things, paper sculptures, paper engineering, etc. Explore the link – there are many colourful ones you can print and assemble as is, but there are also some blank ones and some that are in B&W for colouring in. I printed a few in grayscale, on draft mode (so cheap – I hate to waste the ink!) hen used them as patterns. This one is the Fish Car but made from cardstock. I obviously altered a few thing about it – the fins are swirly stamps cut out, and the wheels are some leftover Japanese coins daubed with alcohol ink to make them less sliver and more copper like the fish charm. Not quite done yet, as I have a few more small stamped and coloured fish to add to the copper charm, making the big fish look like he is swimming with an entourage. You can see I played with Stickles over the top fin stamp, but in the end I didn’t have JUST the right colour. Sorry for the slight fuzziness of the photo.


For the technology part, I suspect I need to calibrate my monitor. If you feel inclined to comment, I would like to know if the photo of the fish car, in particular, looks too light or too dark on YOUR monitor. Since I have dual monitors, side by side, but operating as one continuous screen, calibrating is not a lot of fun. I’ve been trying to avoid it but I suspect I may have to. Poo.