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Ah YouTube. How did we ever manage without it? OK, so there are some dodgy things on there but for How-To stuff I think it is a real font of knowledge. There are a handful of people who I think do a great job – like many, I love Make a Card Monday by starofmay, the all-too-infrequent uploads by everydayscrapbook, and the videos by Hero Arts and Ranger. One thing that really surprises me is how much information you can get from a foreign language video – the first person I ever subscribed to, 2worldswings, had a great video on using envelopes to make a cool pocket card (love this) in Portuguese and it makes perfect sense (to me anyway). There are some marginal one, to be sure, as well as multiple versions of the same technique (Stampin’ Up Demos all seem to do their own version of a technique, for example, as the videos are probably a selling tool for them) but overall you can usually find what you need there.

I’ve even done a few myself, although “video” really isn’t correct. At present my video camera is stationary in my office window, forming an integral part of our home security system. DH has a tiny one that isn’t great quality and DD has a cheap one that she doesn’t like to share. So my “videos” are really slideshows, with music and subtitles and the occasional Ken Burns effect. I recently moved to a newer version of iMovie that has MUCH better quality. Some day I hope to actually do a live action one LOL! But until then, I enjoy making the slideshow versions and they must suit some people because against all reason I have over 50 subscribers. Go figure. For lots of crafters, it’s just another aspect of the explosion of inspiration on the net, along with forums and blogs.

In light of the recent news of Scrapbook Inspirations ceasing publication, and the continuing rumors of other well-known and longer running magazines struggling, it seems what is great news for crafters who have access to the internet is not so great news for publishers, or for crafters who are not net-savvy. I’ve been on the internet since it was Arpanet. I feel like I know my way around. But what about those crafters who are not internet savvy? If all the books and all the magazines stop publishing crafty goodness, what of them?

Only time will tell. To get a little more scrapbooking (and technology) into my post today (if it works) here is a sample of one of my slideshows, of a minibook I made which uses that envelope from my first subscription-video in Portuguese, by 2Worldswings (still not sure if that is 2 World Swings or 2 Worlds Wings – I really should ask her!)

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  1. WOW! Beautiful books MaryAnne. Lots of work in the making of them and I do appreciate the time it takes in making the video for YouTube. Love the music in the background. – very soothing. TFS.

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