A Layout of Firsts

905889Because I am feeling a bit lazy today and because I’ve not quite decided whether I will be blogging every day, I thought I would just post my first ever SI published layout – and also the first layout I made using my new (at the time) Craft Robo for the title. It’s interesting to remember back, way far in my scrapping past, to the first UK scrapbooking site online, the old Yahoo Group version of UKS. There were only about 60 of us, and the message posts flew back and forth, fast and furious. One post – and although my memory could be faulty, I think it was even me that asked the question – queried “What would be your best ever, pie-in-the-sky scrapbooking tool?” Mine was a magic box that let you feed cardstock or patterned paper in on one side and get out perfectly cut letters, in any font you picked, out the other. We all laughed at the suggestions, thinking there was no way in hell such things would ever exist.

When die cut machine like Sizzix and QuicKuts came out it was a step in the right direction, and when the electronic die cutting machines started appearing, I couldn’t quite believe it. Of course many of them required you to buy individual fonts, but the Craft Robo was the first one that offered total freedom. The Cricut (with SCAL) comes a close second. I cannot believe how one tool revolutionized my scrapbooking. For a time, every layout I did had CR cut titles. My stash of letter stickers and chipboard letters just grew and grew as they kept arriving in monthly kits and I never used them. I am back to using letter stickers again (who doesn’t love those tiny little Making Memories and My Little Shoe Box letters?) but sometimes I do still look at my Craft Robo and shake my head with wonder.

That actually got longer than I expected it would! The layout is still one of my favourites, of DS on his first trip to Tokyo faced with a very challenging meal (yes, he ate it) and includes a few more challenging culinary surprises from the trip in a booklet that opens up behind the ribbon tie. DH did a great job, saving a whole pile of paper treasures (receipts, guidebooks, maps, tickets, and brochures), many of which found there way on to the layout, as well as providing all the photos.

Actually it might be interesting to note that the LAST layout I did as an SI commission is the one on the post from yesterday, which got rather pushed aside for the SI No More post