Scrapbook Inspirations is no more


SBK59.coverI just got this in my inbox (and did get the all clear to post it publicly):

“Following a review of its performance over the past year, we have taken the difficult decision to close our craft title Scrapbook Inspirations. Its last issue will go sale on 13th November, however a series of special Scrapbook Inspirations bookazines are planned for 2010, with the first one hitting newsstands in February.

The decision has been made as part of the ongoing management of the craft portfolio, which has seen the launch of The Knitter in January this year and some strong circulation performances from the rest of our titles. Declining advertising revenues and shrinking newsstand sales meant Scrapbook Inspirations, craft’s smallest title by circulation, was no longer commercially sustainable as a monthly title.

The four staff working on this title are currently in consultation regarding their roles.

Group Publisher Kerry Lawrence comments: “Scrapbook Inspirations catered to a very specialist market which has unfortunately declined significantly during the last year. We’re really disappointed to be closing this magazine but it’s important we respond to what is happening in the industry. Moving to a model of publishing occasional bookazines will allow us to keep the Scrapbook Inspirations brand alive in a format more suited to the current market. I’d like to thank the team for all of their hard work and dedication during their time on Scrapbook Inspirations.”

That is the official word. From me? Sad news for me personally, as I loved working with the team, and maybe sad news for UK scrapbooking. But I don’t want to dwell on it – I’ve seen many UK scrapbooking magazines come and go (Remember Scrapbooking Memories and More? The 12 x 12 Scrapbooking Magazine? Creative Scrapbooking? and a few others…..) While I am saddened that there is now only one truly “home grown” scrapping magazine that is left (The Scrapbook Magazine) and a few pages of poorly reproduced layouts by UK scrappers in the UK edition of Scrapbook Trends (to be fair to ST, I am going on the posts made on UKS and other places – I’ve yet to see an actual copy of the UK version, but have been told the magazine does not ask for the actual layouts, only a digital photo or scan of the layout and prints that in the magazine) there are, of course, many, many blogs and galleries online. The fact that SI was the best selling scrapbooking magazine in the UK according to the offical ABC audit made no difference in the end. It was recently said to me that the future of scrapbook publishing is online. Hummmm….

While I live my life online, spending waaaaaay too much time logged in to a plethora of sites and blogs, I don’t like eating my breakfast or lunch in front of the Mac (I shower, so no dilemma about reading in the bath, which is the first thing anyone says when a digital magazine is mentioned) so while I am happy to read the US Scrapbooking Trends collection of magazines online I was always glad to have a print magazine I could depend on getting to flick through and feel the paper under my fingertips. I’ll mis that and will be looking for something else to replace it

Oh well. On the bright side at least my kids won’t have to worry about the camera lens trained on them every time they move. And I can scrap only what I want rather than to assignment.

A couple of last words – firstly to Rosie, Cara and Jane. You gals were the best to work with. I haven’t had much experience with magazine editors but I’ve had the odd bad experience, which only made me appreciate you three all the more. To the team – I never had much chance to work with the newly expanded team but have visited most of their blogs and saw very inspiring work on show. Shame I won;t be seeing it every month, but will hope to see much in the bookazines. To the original team, what can I say? You guys still surprise and inspire me with your work. Next, if you have work at the mag I’ve been assured all work will be returned. Once I know where to send you for info on what happens with subscriptions, I’ll let you know, here and on UKS.

11 thoughts on “Scrapbook Inspirations is no more

  1. It seems strange that a best-selling niche market mag should fold. I shall miss the mag – the first to give me a scapbook LO publishing break LOL! This does, however, explain why no paperwork came through to set up a DD for the magazine … I had been wondering.

    Some great creations on here, Mary Anne!

  2. I’m so sad that SI won’t be around anymore. I love the mag, it’s the only one I’ve ever found which I get excited about and read cover to cover. I hope all the design team will continue onwards on blogs etc as I’ll miss their inspirations otherwise!

  3. I’m in shock! Absolutely gutted! Is there a petition we can join to reverse the decision? I have subscribed to SI for nearly 4 years, and it’s just got better and better. I love the new look and the old and new design team members’ work. My thoughts are with the editors and the design team girls xx

  4. I truly cannot believe this news as all my friends buy the magazine every month and prefer it to any other for price, content and accessibility. I really think it is a huge mistake to take such a well-loved periodical off the shelves when there are so few other options for us scrappers to look at. I have always found the LOs and ideas inspiring and will miss the team. At least I am able to access some of their blogs and tutoring online. I hope that you have new jobs soon and are able to move forward in a positive way in the new year. Looking forward to the special editions.
    Jo xx

  5. How sad. We have seen a few come and go over the last few years but I thought SI would survive. Sorry to see it go.

  6. I’ll really miss SBI every month. Sorry for everyone who worked on it too. It was nice to have a UK mag to read while out & about 😦

  7. Sad news indeed! Pretty soon there will be no scrapping magazines left for us on EITHER side of the Atlantic! I just hope we don’t all give up on this very enjoyable hobby!

  8. What a shame – sorry to see it go, and I agree the new (and old) team must be so upset – however enjoy your free time Maryanne!

  9. I must admit I haven’t bought it nearly as much this year as I did last year but that’s not because I am taking less interest in scrapbooking just that I feel I’m broadening my craftiness – I’ve been doing more altering this year.

    It’s sad to see espescially when they not long got the new design team together.

    For a print mag to read over breakfast try Somerset Studios. Efemeras blog inspired me to hunt down some back copies on eBay and I picked the new one up at Ally Pally. I absolutely love it – not all scrapbooking but some very inspiring stuff. That girl is costing me serious money in books and mags lately 😉

  10. That is very sad news. Bet the newly recruited design team members are gutted. I will really miss it.

    As you say though – you will be able to scrap more of what you want and not be stuck to deadlines. Hey you might even get more knitting done lol

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