Pretty iPhone cradle instructions

This is the version I am giving the instructions for:


1. Print the template. Cut a full size pattern. Check it against your device – if your phone is a lot smaller, you may need to adjust the template a bit. Paper is cheap – cut as many versions as you need to to make sure your device will fit. Some slight adjustments will be possible simply by folding the template narrower or wider, but a big difference needs to be dealt with here and now.

2. Cut the template shape from foam core. On one side of the foam core, cut through ONLY the paper covering and part way into the foam. DO NOT cut all the way through (if you do, all is not lost – just reattach the pieces on one side with packing tape) – you want the halves to create a sort of a hinge.


3. Cover the front and back with decorative paper. On the front (no hinge), score a line and put the score line on the center fold. On the back (hinge side) stick up to the hinge, then put thin double sided tape along both sides of the hinge. These are the internal edges, if that makes sense, where you cut into the foam but not through it.


4. I used double sided tape along all the thick edges then covered them with ribbon.


5. Cut a base from more foam core – any size you like but bigger than the stand. Mine are usually about 5 x 7. Using and old CD as a base works well too – and gives you a smaller desktop “footprint”. Cover it with more decorative paper.

6. CHECK THE FIT OF YOUR DEVICE. Put it in the caddy. Adjust the feet more open or less till the device fits happily and securely inside it. Attach the caddy to the base with strong double sided tape on the underside of the foot. Now decorate. In this sample I only added two 3″ scallops punched from the patterned paper, stuck back to back, a few nested flowers held together with a big glittery red brad and a small butterfly embellishment (remember, this is for a 13 year old girl!) stuck to the back of the hinge where it won’t interfere with the phone.


Variations – you could def. cut the template from strong cardboard (maybe even cut two and stick them together) or mat board. If that were the case I think I would cut tabs on the paper that covers the font and back then cut a slit in the paper to cover the base and slip them thru, sticking the tabs to the base with the paper over top. Or maybe use a hot glue gue (although that can be a bit messy). You could really bing up the base instead of (or in addition to) any decoration on the back. Cover it with watercolour paper that you stamped and inked and Glimmer misted, making a very vintage version. You can play around with the template to make the device angle back more or sit more upright the angle of my template doesn’t suit your ideal viewing angle. Whatever you do I would be delighted to see your version. Please leave me a comment with a link to it. And ass I said, if anyone is mad keen on the CD case version, tell me in a comment. I am hoping to make another one and will photo the step by steps to add here if there is real interest.

Template PDF