Scrapping from left field


One of the things that I enjoy is finding a new and interesting ways to incorporate unique (for lack of a better word) technological tricks into my scrapping. Here is an example of what I mean. Not a digi-scrapping layout, but a traditional paper page, this photo mosaic makes use of a cool (free) piece of software call MacOSaiX. This software takes a plain photo and scurries out to a place you select (in my case it was my iPhoto library, but you can just as easily do Google images, random glyphs, iTunes album art, flickr groups and more) and collects images to create a photo mosaic of that original image.

The original photograph

The original photograph

I took a photo of a heart shaped Christmas tree ornament, selected my iPhoto library, set the shape of the tile, and the number of tiles, sat back for about 3 hours (shorter for smaller mosaics, obviously) and watched mesmerised as the little tiles flashed up on the screen then swirled in to place, and the mosaic built up over time. Once all the photos are selected it optimizes the selections to get the best colour.

part-way thru the process
part-way thru the process

Occasionally the program flakes out and you won’t see the little photo tiles pop in to place. Sometimes it works for hours and produces nothing. Buggy? A bit, but it is free, and I can’t discount the fact it could be my version of MacOSX (not the newest, for very valid reasons) or some other quirk of my set up. It works well with portrait photos and also can produce some stunning results with a mosaic made up of a smaller number of photos, depending on the original photo.

The final layout

The final layout

My final layout uses the photo mosaic, printed quite large, a Hambly Screenprint overlay, and very old Life’s Journey metal frame, a digital negative strip frame with three small photos of my kids, and a couple of other random bits. I love that the title placement allowed me to place the O in LOVE over a small image of ME (HA! let the kids complain I am not in any of the scrapbooks now LOL!)

Now lest you, as a PC user, stamp your little foot and cry “But it’s not FAIR!”, be comforted by this link to Andrea Mosaic, which is a similar, also free, PC version. I can’t vouch for it, but you can give it a go if you like the idea and don’t do Mac.

Hopefully that illustrates my point – it is a traditional page, created using a printed photo, scrapbook paper and embellishments, sticky stuff, scissors and journaling, but has an undeniable technological aspect to it. THAT is what I like.

Thanks for looking.

2 thoughts on “Scrapping from left field

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  2. Oh wow! I so have to go play. One of my favourite things of all time that I own is a huge jigsaw that my Mum made up and framed for me one Christmas and it’s the same sort of thing – when you get closer it is made up of thousands of pictures of lions, tigers etc.

    Your lo is absolutely gorgeous.

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