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Bright Spring and Dark Fall month cards

Still playing …

I decided to go ahead and make the companion Month calendar cards, using one of my 2014 calendar cards as a base.  My only hesitation came from the fact each set really only has 6 or so colours.  I’ve added one yellow that doesn’t appear in the original set but that works with it, just because none of the other options worked for me.  Tell me what you think!



Now, if you grabbed the original set (which you can find in the Calendar Making menu at the top) you may recall that I arranged these 6 to a sheet.  Normally that wouldn’t work for A4 prints but as these have white backgrounds they do – taking advantage of the white border your A4 printer will add.  They should cut perfectly if you cut down the middle at the red lines then cut along the coloured bars to the left as your first cuts.  Then simply cut then at 3 inches.  That’s the theory anyway – any problems please comment.  If there is ever a problem with any of my printables and you don’t tell me, I’ll carry on, assuming they are fine!

The Bright Spring set can be downloaded HERE and the Dark Fall set HERE.



2014 Calendar wrap-up

As is true for many of you, I am also deep in the throes of holiday tasks.  So with no time to be creative, and not able to share a few things due to those family members with hand-made gifts coming reading my blog, I’m just going to pop on a wrap-up of my 2014 calendar printables.  Click CALENDAR MAKING in the top menu and all the links are there for you. Hopefully one of them will suit your needs.

I would love to see what you do with any of them – feel free to link to your blog in your comment so I can (and other can!) go have a look.

Now, just a few more rows on DDs hat left to go and finishing up a last minute artsy gift for DS (he saw something I did for DH and now he wants one too!  DOH!) then it’s all cooking ….


One more calendar printable

I’ve had this hanging around because I just wasn’t sure about the positioning.  It’s pretty easy to place 3 x 4 blocks on a US letter size graphics file, but getting them right for A4 is trickier.  I hope I’ve managed it.

The other issue is the cutting.  I get annoyed myself sometimes when I print my printables then cut them out.  All that trying to line up the trimmer, missing out the outline lines!  I just want to slice down the middle then chop   chop   chop, have 6 perfectly cut pieces.

What they look like – grab the PDF here:



So how it should work is you slice it down the middle



then use the edge of the colour bar to delineate the left edge



then trim as needed, depending on what size paper yo are printing on, for Project Life sized cards.

If you want to use them to make a CD calendar, stick them to the front like so. Jeez, the colour on that shot is pretty far off!  The JPG above is a better representation of the true colours!


If you want to turn them into tear-off calendars you can trim closer to the Day abbreviations, just make sure you use one of the 6-week months, like MARCH a a guide.

With luck it will all cut fine for you too!



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Not-so-lazy full Advent calendar

OK, so now you are feeling good because you managed to make a 7-day countdown with that printable.  You have vowed to do better next year.  This is something you can bookmark for next November!

I made a version from scratch. It was pretty easy.  With just a circle cutter and a punch you can make one too!


The sizes of MY circles – and these are slightly fluid, except as I’ve noted – are:

  • 7 3/4 inches for the numbers 1 to 18 – this one can’t be any smaller if you use a 1″ punch for the numbers or they won’t fit around the edge with room for a blank area. It can be bigger. A
  • 7 3/4 inches (or the same size) for the window circle that highlight the numbers B
  • 5 inches for the numbers 19 to 25 – this can be smaller (maybe even as small as 4 inches) but not bigger or it will cover the outer circle.  C
  • 5 inches (or the same size) for the window circle that highlights the numbers D

In addition I have a very large 10 inch circle that is decorative and a small 3 inch circle with the topper for the centre decoration.

Your circles can  be plain cardstock or card covered with patterned paper. Keep in mind your brad needs to be able to secure all the layers so don’t get crazy with the layers unless you have a really LONG-legged brad!

Start by finding the centre of each circle and punch a hole for your brad. I offset mine for a wonky look, cause I’m like that, but a centred hole is easier.

1. Print or stamp numbers 1 to 25.  They must be small enough to fit within a 1 inch punch. Punch them out. Punch 4 additional circles from plain cardstock to make tabs.


2. Punch a 1 inch hole in circle B. It should be about 1/8th inch from the edge.

3. Stack circle A and circle B and connect them with the brad.  Using the position of the hole in circle B, stick the numbers to circle A. This will ensure the number show thru the hole as the window is rotated.


Give some thought to how you want the numbers to look.  I chose the blank area to be at 12 o’clock.  I opted to have the numbers around the edge, perpendicular.


You can, instead, orient them as I did for the INNER circle, so the numbers read horizontal thru the window.  I’ve done one each way so you can see the effect and decide how you want to do yours! Likewise, decide if you want the tabs to the left or the right of the circles (again, I did one each way.) Might make a difference if you want to make a “lefty” version of this.

When you get to 18 there should be a blank area left.  Once you’ve counted down to there, the last week will count down using the inner circle!


4. Punch a 1 inch hole in circle D.  Repeat step 3 with circles C and D to create the final week of the countdown.

Make your centre decoration – I decided to use a STAR as that looks good even when it rotates and that makes the assembly very simple!

The real trick is which circles are stuck and which are only held with the brad, allowing them to move.


5. Thread a LONG brad thru circles A  B  C  and  D.  Orient the circles as you want them to be.  Test them.  See if you like them.  Once you are happy, stick circle A to either your framing circle or to your background.  I backed mine with a 12 x 12 inch piece of cardstock topped by a slightly smaller (11 1/2 x 11 1/2 inch) piece of patterned paper.

6. With the circles oriented, stick C to B and stick your topper over the brad. I also made the 25th a little special and added Merry Christmas! around the framing circle



Like with the printable version, you can add a bag to the back for 25 treats, and stick the whole piece to a folded cardboard stand.


Note this – the circles will perhaps rotate when you dont’ mean for them to  - this mostly happens with the back window circle.  If this bothers you or if you are letting a small child turn the circles I would set circles A and B on the blank spot between 18 and 1.  Punch a small  hole thru circle A, circle B, and your backing, just close to the outer edge, between two numbers.  When you are using the outer circle for the first 18 days, thread a brad only thru circle B  and fold the legs really flat – this will hide the hole but keep the brad from catching on anything.  Once you are done using the outer numbers, thread the brad thru both A and  B and the backing to hold the back circles in place.



That will still allow the window circle D to rotate.  Next year, just change it back to allow the rotation till day 19 once again!

So there you go.  Frankly I do not want or need another Advent Calendar/countdown so I just used bits hanging around on my desk and a paper collection that has been in my stash for a while, rather than sacrifice paper I loved to make a sample. But even so I rather like it and might see if DDs class would like to use it next year – they can always tuck little tasks, forfeits or fun challenges into the bag then the class can make a game of it.


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More Gelli print advent tags

VERY productive at my crop yesterday.  I got well ahead of the game with my Gelli print advent tags.


A couple need the little sequins added, like the stars and small dots seen on this one, and I have a few more backgrounds completed that need decorating, but I am no longer needing to do them every day before they can get used.


DD has seen them and pronounced them good and Christmas-y – if she’s happy so am I!

Tree is up and finally has had the ornaments added (too early for ME, but again DD insisted it go up last weekend where I usually try to put it off till mid-month) and this year we added only the front of the tree branches (artificial tree LOL!)  to the bottom half so is nestles nicely in the window curve with no need to move al the furniture around to fit it in.  That helped with me agreeing to have it up so early – in the past three years I seem to throw out my back EVERY TIME cause I try to move the heavy sofas in the lounge by myself.  You think I’d learn! Anyway, it’s starting to feel more like Christmas and after months of trying not to think about it I am finally getting into the spirit of it all.

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Tag three finished and tag four

I think longingly of being able to walk into Staples in my old home town and pick up a massive box of luggage tags for pennies every time I see 10 tags in Staples here in the UK for £2.09.  Well I found 60mm x 120mm tags at Ryman’s online, 100 for under £5.  Still not as cheap as home, but not awful, and they do have manila ones, not just white or the ghastly multi-coloured ones.  Result!

So, and sorry in advance for the photo, once again it got darker faster than I expected, here is yesterdays tag finished and todays.  I will hope for some sun tomorrow and time to get the tag for day 5 done in the morning.  Maybe the I can get a decent photo.  I hope to get a stack of the Gelli print tags done and take just a small box with some bits and bobs to the crop on Saturday where I might be able to finish them off:



I suppose it doesn’t help that they swing ever so slightly in the breeze LOL!

I think if you squint closely you can just about see the matchbox on the back of tag 1 as it is angles slightly away. But I think I may decide to switch to some sort of little bag, maybe a mini paper bag like for sweets, and the matchboxes are a bit small for anything more than a chocolate coin (not very nice chocolate) or a few buttons.

DD saw this version and deemed it very Christmas-y so RESULT! there too.



Gelli ornaments and another tag embellishment

I am still being inspired by that Interweave class Add to, Undo, & Redo: Stress-free Collage Techniques (although the sale has ended it is still pretty cheap) and this time I had a go at her technique for using scraps.  I again used bits and pieces of Gelli prints, ones that were not great or the leftovers from ones that had been partially used.

The first step was to tear them in little bits



then stick them to a shape – in this case a circle

2tornbitsTurn over the shape when all the bits are dry and trim back to the original shape

3tornbitsI then stitched around the shape – easier than expected – with a couple of different stitch options

4tornbitsI grabbed a couple of images from Project Guttenberg’s entry for Twas the Night before Christmas and made two little ornaments for the kids – our tree is very much in the “handmade” style, with very few ball ornaments.  Even the mass-produced ornaments have a “handmade” look to them. So these will fit right in!



Must stop working in the dark! One minute the light is flooding in thru the window and the next I am straining to see what I am doing.  Apologies for the photo. The final circle will adorn the tag for day three – I am awaiting a supply f tags to arrive in the mail but can always cut one if they don’t come by tomorrow.  I think they turned out quite sweet.  The kids can hang them on Christmas eve and I’ll write the year and some little message on the back.

My desk looks unbelievably messy at the moment.  Must make time tomorrow to clear up a little so I am not working in 4 square inches of space with chaos all around that.  Doh!






Another Advent Tag

Shameless plug:  Looking for inspiration? Drop by the UKScrappers Home Page every day for a variety of holiday projects.  There will be links to tutorials and members can be in with a chance to win a few prizes, including a Daylight lamp (UK resident members only), tickets to the Make It show in Farnborough in February, and a voucher to a UKS Sponsor shop.

Today is the day DD has insisted we put up the tree.  Not much time for crafty play, but I am still a day ahead making the tags for her new Advent calendar.  I did change out the numbers.  I like the black stencil numbers filled with gold glitter paper:



I learned from my last attempt at stencil letters.  I just cut them all quickly with Scal. popped out the number bits and backed it with some glittery paper. *I* would have chosen glitter paper that was black, so the glitter effect wasn’t quite so intensely sparkly, but then this is meant to be to DDs taste more than my own, and this paper does match the littler glittery ornaments so…

But I do like it better than the original number option:



and now (and I will replace the one on the first tag, just not in time to photo it):



I may still add some pearl bead drapes, maybe, when I find my strand of smaller beads, but over all I expect she will be quite pleased with it.  Now, where is that stash of chocolate coins?  Or should I get some Quality Streets instead?  Gaaaa!  Too may decisions…



Just a taster – Gelli advent calendar?

DOH!  DD informed me that the advent calendars I’ve already made aren’t Christmassy enough – I’m not a big fan of the traditional red and green shades, so one is hot pink glitter, burgundy and lime with a lot of white and the other one is very vintage, with lots of brown. So I really loved the look of the Gelli pulls over gold embossing, and I selected a couple of stencils that show thru the embossing nicely – all circles, to unify them. I also still have a few of the gold embellishments from the last advent calendar I can use – DD did like them.  Phew!



Really, how could she NOT like that??

Anyway, I have at least a couple ready but will have to sneak in a few when I get the chance in order to have them ready each day – like I need THAT pressure.  Here is a glimpse.  They are tags, fairly simple, and attach to a strand of creamy pearls with a clothes peg:



I always opt for a grungy sort of font with anything Gelli, as I think it suits the style better, but I am not 100% happy with these.  Now I’m thinking maybe a black stencil surround?  Maybe I’ll have time to play tomorrow and see. Oh and it may not look it but that dark flower is really a forest green, not black!

The treat goes in a match box stuck to the back of the tag

3gelliadventJust push it open from one side or the other to clam your surprise.



Hope she likes this one better – I’ll know tomorrow….




Funky circle Calendar printables for 2014

My WordPress stats confuse me sometimes.  Usually I get a link that tells me where people came from – except for Facebook!  Most of the time, hits from Facebook come via the Gelli Plate Facebook page – they share my blog posts every so often.  But I only found that out by guessing.  If all of a sudden I am getting loads of hits from Facebook, I assume that is where they are coming from! But yesterday I got loads of hits (over 1200) with a large number of them from Facebook, and I have NO IDEA where or why because it is all for the Calendar circles, not Gelli stuff.  Makes me crazy.

I did do as I said I would and made a much more my-style set of circles.  Using grungier, funkier fonts and in a slightly smaller size, leaving a bit more around the edges for arty decoration, they feel more appropriate for Gelli prints than the scripty, pretty fonts on the first set.


You can download them here – 6 pages, two months to a page. Of course there is no reason you can’t use them for something else rather than Gelli prints – that is just how I chose to do them for the sample.

I simply masked off the middle


and pulled the print then added some stamping


and trimmed to fit the CD case.  But just like the samples from yesterday, you can trim the sheets bigger (they thin light grey lines to denote the CD case size all but disappear under the Gelli print) and take advantage of the larger area.


I like the purple one a lot more than the blue one.  Note that the stray Y in February has been fixed in the download. Can you spot it?



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